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Royal Wedding (1951)

3 stars

Tom Bowen (Fred Astaire) and Ellen Bowen (Jane Powell) are a brother and sister dance team from New York. Their agent (Keenan Wynn) books them in London for performances during the time of the royal wedding. Aboard a cruise ship to London, Ellen becomes involved with aristocrat and playboy, Lord John Brindale (Peter Lawford). In London, Tom meets and falls in love with Anne Ashmond (Sarah Churchill), a dancer in his show. Despite a few minor complications, it all ends happily as the two couples find love and marriage on the day of the royal wedding.

Royal Wedding is famous for several dance sequences, including a classic number in which Astaire appears to dance on the ceiling and walls of his hotel room. Jane Powell proves to be an elegant and athletic partner for Astaire; though perhaps his best duet of the movie takes place with a hat rack he discovers on the cruise to England. This is one of Astaire's best and I highly recommend it.

Tom BowenFred Astaire
Ellen BowenJane Powell
Lord John BrindalePeter Lawford
Anne AshmondSarah Churchill
Irving/Edgar KlingerKeenan Wynn
James AshmondAlbert Sharpe